Who Is Older Cole Or Dylan Sprouse?

Who is older Cody or Zack?

Zack Martin – Cody’s older twin brother, he is the other main character of The Suite Life series..

How old were Dylan and Cole Sprouse on Suite Life started?

Around the age of 13, in 2005, they were cast in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Dylan played Zack Martin, the outgoing, funny, but not as smart brother. Cole played Cody, the brainy brother who always followed the rules. Once the boys grew older the show spun off to a new show called The Suite Life on Deck.

Does Cole Sprouse have a sister?

Cole and Dylan Sprouse have a twin sister!

Who is Dylan Sprouse dating?

Barbara Palvin (2018–)Dylan Sprouse/Partner

How old is Mr Moseby?

Marion MosebyAge:SLOZAC (Season 1) 36-37 SLOZAC (Season 2) 37-38 SLOZAC (Season 3) 38-39 SLOD (Season 1) 39-40 SLOD (Season 2) 40 SLOD (Season 3) 41Status:AliveBiological InformationGender:Male29 more rows