Should I Learn Clojure Or Haskell?

Why is Haskell bad?

The sheer amount of unconventional extensions required, all the special cases, the terribly ugly syntax.

While Haskell has many power extensions, they rarely mix well with the base language and make it look like the C++ of functional languages.

The numeric typeclasses are a mess.

String types are a mess..

Haskell itself serves as a testbed for programming language research, so it’s quite popular in this part of academia. … Part of why Facebook uses Haskell is that it makes concurrency easy. Concurrency is hard enough that rewriting code that works to squeeze of the last bit of performance doesn’t always make sense.

What is Haskell best used for?

While Haskell is a general purpose language that can be used in any domain and use case, it is ideally suited for proprietary business logic and data analysis, fast prototyping and enhancing existing software environments with correct code, performance and scalability.

Is Haskell good for machine learning?

So IMHO the best role for Haskell is likely in the area of Machine Learning simulation, teaching and theory. Let Haskell be a breeding ground for great ideas that move into mainstream implementations. Haskell does a great job as the language of the future.

Is clojure difficult to learn?

clojure is hard to learn. very hard. … Of lisps i know, 10 years of emacs lisp and some scheme/racket lisp, clojure is rather quite different from them, and introduced lots of clojure’s own concepts, such as transducer, and clojure’s metadata, clojure’s “protocol”, clojure’s refs and transactions, atoms, agents.

Is Haskell a good first language?

It’s probably not a good first language, because it’s too difficult for most people. … I think Haskell is a great first language – people who have coded before can find it difficult, but only because they have a ton of preconceptions about programming from imperative languages, and Haskell isn’t one of them.