Quick Answer: Who Owns The Most Expensive Comic Book?

What is the rarest comic book ever?

New Adventure Comics #26According to the CGC database, there are only 9 registered copies of New Adventure Comics #26, making it the rarest comic book in the world.

New Adventure Comics #26 was first published in 1938, during the early days of DC Comics..

Who has the biggest comic book collection?

Bob BretallBob Bretall (USA) has the world’s largest collection of comic books – 101,822 unique items.

Are any comics from the 90s worth money?

Although the end of the 20th century was a troubling time for the comic book industry, some comics from the ’90s are worth the kind of money that would make Bruce Wayne take notice. … Nonetheless, the plan occasionally worked, producing rare comics now valued at thousands of dollars.

What is Batman #1 worth?

Batman #1 can easily pass the $50,000 mark, even in higher grade but restored condition, and the highest-known to date (CGC 9.2) recently sold for over half a million Dollars!

What is Captain America Number 1 worth?

$125,000 USDCaptain America Comics #1 Approximate Value (In “near mint” condition): $125,000 USD.

What is the most expensive comic book ever sold?

An original copy of the Action Comics #1 that initially cost 10 cents and introduced Earth to Superman became the world’s most expensive comic book Sunday when it raked in $3.2 million on eBay.