Quick Answer: Who Can Beat Shazam?

Who is stronger Thor or Shazam?

Strength: The OHOTMU states Thor can lift 95 tons.

And since Hercules provides the strength portion of Shazam, Hence, Shazam is stronger than Thor..

Who is the strongest Shazam?

BILLY BATSON/SHAZAM Shazam1 BILLY BATSON/SHAZAM Shazam, formerly known as Captain Marvel, was the man who started it all and is the most powerful member of the Marvel Family without question. He was given the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the lightning of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury.

Can Shazam beat doomsday?

However, while Shazam could kill Doomsday with his lightning, he probably wouldn’t want to. Although Doomsday might not have a defense against Shazam’s magic lightning, if he died from its blasts and came back to life, he would be immune to certain types of magic, making him more dangerous than ever.

Who is stronger Shazam or Black Adam?

Originally Answered: Is black Adam stronger than Shazam? As the others say, They are identical in every way, but Black Adam would win most of the time. … The only difference is that Shazam’s powers are derived from the Greek Gods, Black Adam on the other hand, gets his powers from the Egyptian Gods.

Is Superman stronger than Thanos?

Superman has often been considered to be the most overpowered superhero in the history of DC Comics, and arguably fiction. He has just enough power to defeat Thanos by himself. The only thing that could possibly hold him back would be his sense of duty, justice, and his “no killing” rule.

Who can defeat Shazam?

Shazam is very powerful and can fight most beings to a standstill, but Surfer is way out of his league. For one thing, Surfer can move at the speed of light. Shazam is fast, but he isn’t nearly fast enough.

Can Batman beat Shazam?

Simple answer is, he couldn’t. Now, he could beat Billy Batson no problem. The thing is, Captain Marvel/Shazam has no real weaknesses Batman can utilize.

Can Shazam lift Mjolnir?

But being powerful is not what makes Shazam worthy of Mjolnir. In fact, Shazam is not the one who is worthy of the hammer. … Batson had to be worthy of this power to wield it. The same qualities that make Batson worthy of Shazam’s power make him worthy of Thor’s hammer.

Can Thor kill Superman?

Thor vs Superman: A battle among Gods Thor and Superman are equally matched when it comes to strength. … However, Thor’s access to magic does give him the upper hand and though Thor rarely uses magic, he could use some tricks to beat Superman.

Can Shazam kill Superman?

Shazam is basically Superman, only magic-ified. … Shazam has knocked Superman out cold before. A sucker punch, yes, but that’s still impressive. Originally known as Captain Marvel, the character was so popular in the 40s that his comic book sales outsold Superman’s.

Is Shazam stronger than Superman?

In terms of raw strength, most comics stories seem to give the edge to Superman. Not only is he one of the most powerful beings in superhero comics, his strength seems limited only by the imagination of the writer. … That’s because Shazam is powered by magic, one of Superman’s few weaknesses.

Can Shazam defeat Thor?

Without Mjolnir, Thor might actually lose against Shazam as it’s where a lot of Thor’s magical abilities come from. Shazam doesn’t need such a token to use magic and can easily amp up his strength, speed, and even durability to match or even surpass Thor’s.

Who would win Shazam or Hulk?

I mean Shazam flies so picking up Hulk and then booting Hulk to Venus with a carbon dioxide atmosphere and a surface temperature of almost 900 degrees isn’t inconceivable, but the odds of him fighting that dirty seems unlikely. So Hulk would likely win because Shazam wouldn’t be ruthless enough to do what it takes.

Can Shazam beat Darkseid?

No. Shazam should lose to Darkseid almost every time. And it shouldn’t be close. Now I know that proponents of Shazam will be quick to scream “But Shazam can beat Superman.

Is Shazam stronger than Thanos?

Shazam can take hits from Superman, who can push planets around. However, Thanos has so much more going for him than just his strength. Thanos is a guy who can toe to toe with cosmic beings. Shazam is powerful, but he is not cosmic being powerful.

Who’s faster Shazam or Superman?

In DC’s official list, superman is faster than Shazam. But wonder woman is also faster than Shazam even though they both get their speed from roughly the same source. … As well, Shazam gets the power of juice on top of the speed of mercury.

Can Shazam beat Thanos?

The Man of Steel isn’t the only character in DC to pack a serious punch; there’s also Shazam, a character with the magical powers of the gods. … A fight between Shazam and Thanos would be messy, but Thanos wouldn’t stand a chance without his Gauntlet.

What are Shazam’s weaknesses?

Batson. Billy Batson. After the worldwide success that the MCU’s Captain Marvel had, Marvel Comics continues to dominate the film and television industry….1 Power: Fire Powers.2 Weakness: Doesn’t Fit In. … 3 Weakness: Spell Casting Confusion. … 4 Power: Lightning Powers. … 5 Weakness: Suspended Animation. … More items…•