Quick Answer: What Is The Best Area To Stay In Delhi?

Which part of Delhi is rich?

The locality is close to high-end localities, such as Chanakyapuri and Vasant Vihar.

Having a high livability index, Shanti Niketan houses some of the top industrialists within its vicinity.

The average capital values here are around Rs 34,000 per sq ft, as in September 2020..

Can an unmarried couple stay in a hotel in Delhi?

Are couple-friendly hotels in Delhi safe? Currently, there is no law in India which prohibits unmarried adults from spending quality time together at a hotel. Unmarried people do not have to worry about violation of their privacy, as all our couple-friendly hotels in Delhi are completely safe.

Can police raid in Oyo rooms?

It is completely legal for unmarried couples to book a hotel with Oyo. Police can, however, make a raid in the hotel in lieu of fighting crime and tracing illegal activities. But, that doesn’t mean you are at fault. If you are both consenting adults, you can stay in an Oyo couples room.

Can I stay with my girlfriend in Oyo rooms?

Yes. OYO provides safe and secure hotels to unmarried couples. Most OYO hotels allow unmarried couples and accept local IDs; they have well-trained staff who ensure safety and privacy.

Do Oyo rooms have cameras?

Hotel rooms are often hiding such tiny hidden cameras that are able to live-stream footage, even in the dark. … People booking rooms with services like Oyo and Airbnb have found hidden cameras in their rooms.

Which part of Delhi is Karol Bagh?

Central Delhi districtKarol Bagh (also spelled Qarol Bagh, pronounced [qəroːl baːɣ]) is a neighbourhood in Central Delhi district, India. It is a mixed residential-cum-commercial neighborhood known for its shopping streets, like the Ghaffar Market and Ajmal Khan Road.

Which part of Delhi is pitampura?

North West Delhi districtPitampura is a residential area in North West Delhi district of Delhi, India. It is located adjacent to Rohini. Pitampura is an upscale and affluent locality, in the North West Delhi district of Delhi, India.

Which part of Delhi is safe?

Greater KailashOne of the posh residential areas of Delhi, Greater Kailash has come to be known as a commercial and residential hub packed into one. Rated as one of the safest places in Delhi, Greater Kailash has numerous markets.

Which part of Delhi is posh?

1. Lutyens Bungalow Zone. Lutyens Bungalow Zone in Lutyens Delhi is undeniably the most posh location in the capital; it plays host to the city’s long list of politicians, industrialists and known business tycoons of the country.

How can I stay cheap in Delhi?

We’ve done that legwork for you, with a round-up of the best affordable hotels in Delhi.Hotel Viva Palace. Hotel, Budget Hotel. … Misaki Xpress. Budget Hotel, Hotel. … Hauz Khas Homestay. Budget Hotel, Hotel. … Wisteria Suites. Hotel, Budget Hotel. … FabHotel Rockland. Budget Hotel, Hotel. … Hotel Broadway. … Palm D’or. … Hotel City Empire.More items…•

Which is the Centre of Delhi?

Connaught PlaceConnaught Place, New DelhiConnaught PlaceStateDelhiDistrictNew DelhiNamed forDuke of Connaught and StrathearnGovernment14 more rows

What is the famous of Delhi?

The distinguished city of Delhi is blessed with several gardens and botanical houses which are again one of the features that Delhi is famous for. The Garden of Five senses, the Lodi Gardens, the Buddha Jayanti Park and Nehru Park are some of these gardens which have made Delhi famous among nature lovers.

Is Delhi safe for tourists?

New Delhi is a fairly safe place to visit, but travelers to the area should be aware of certain situations and take a few precautions. … This is a general recommendation for any unfamiliar area, but should be followed in New Delhi as well. Demonstrations, protests and mass gatherings occur in major public areas.

Why Connaught Place is famous?

The area is the hub of business and cultural activities and is the prime Central Business District (CBD) of the city. Connaught Place is famous for its Georgian-style architecture. The grand scale and architectural character of the area make it stand out amongst various buildings.

What salary is needed to live comfortably in Delhi?

Total = 35- 40k per month would be your expense. Incase you want to save around 25;–30k per month for your FDs, investments, insurance, holidays etc, you need a Minimum Salary: 60k-70k ! With this salary you can save enough money, and have a good lifestyle.