Quick Answer: How Old Is Katie Cassidy?

Where does Katie Cassidy live?

“Arrow” star Katie Cassidy has put a house she owns in Encino up for lease at $14,000 a month, long-term..

Who are Katie Cassidy’s parents?

David CassidyKatie Cassidy/ParentsKatie was born to David Cassidy and former model, Sherry Williams in November 1986. She was raised solely by her mother due to Sherry’s short-lived relationship with David.

Who is Katie Cassidy father?

David CassidyKatie Cassidy/Fathers

Where is Jack Cassidy buried?

Jack CassidyOriginal NameJohn Joseph EdwardBirth5 Mar 1927 Richmond Hill, Queens County, New York, USADeath12 Dec 1976 (aged 49) West Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USABurialCremated, Ashes scattered at sea, Specifically: Ashes scattered in the Pacific OceanMemorial ID3588 · View Source

Why did they replace Chris on the Partridge Family?

Gelbwaks was the first actor to play the role of Chris Partridge. … In a 2005 interview with the Television Academy Foundation, Shirley Jones mentioned that Gelbwaks “was not happy doing [the show] .. his parents wanted him to do it, so we replaced him”.

What is Katie Cassidy doing now?

Katie Cassidy is now an established actor While it took a little while for Cassidy to find her place in the entertainment world, she is now solidly established as an actor with a lot of experience in the action and superhero genre.

Who is Katie Cassidy’s mother?

Sherry WilliamsKatie Cassidy/MothersThe actor and singer rose to worldwide fame in the 1970s for his role on the hit TV show “The Partridge Family.” Katie Cassidy’s relationship with her father had ups and downs. She was raised by her mother, model Sherry Williams, and her stepfather Richard Benedon.

Who did Katie Cassidy marry?

Matthew Rodgersm. 2018–2020Katie Cassidy/SpouseKatie Cassidy Files for Divorce from Husband Matthew Rodgers After 2 Years of Marriage. Katie Cassidy’s marriage to Matthew Rodgers has come to an end. The Arrow actress, 33, filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, court documents obtained by PEOPLE reveal.

Who is Katie Cassidy husband?

Matthew Rodgersm. 2018–2020Katie Cassidy/Husband

Why did David Cassidy leave Katie out of his will?

Katie Cassidy, his daughter, was omitted from his will, as he claimed he was little more than a biological father to the Arrow actress. As he told PEOPLE several months before his death, “I’ve never had a relationship with her. … I was her biological father but I didn’t raise her.”

Why did Sara leave arrow?

Arrow season 4, episode 6, “Lost Souls,” then was our first look at a Sara Lance closest to the one who fell off the roof in the season 3 premiere. … Rather than lean on her loved ones the way Thea is, though, Sara decided to leave town and search for her own way to deal with her resurrection.

Is Jack Cassidy Dead?

Deceased (1927–1976)Jack Cassidy/Living or Deceased

How much is Katie Cassidy worth?

Katie Cassidy net worth: Katie Cassidy is an American actress who has a net worth of $3 million. Katie Cassidy was born Katherine Evelyn Anita Cassidy in Los Angeles, California in November 1986.