Quick Answer: Can You Run It FIFA 15?

Can Core i3 run FIFA 15?

OS: Windows 7 -64-bit.

CPU: Intel (R) Core (TM) i3 @ 3,07Ghz.


Graphic Card: INTEL (R) HD GRAPHICS (CORE i3).

Can FIFA 15 run on 2gb RAM?

Whilst the minimum required specs are quite reasonable the recommended specifications are quite chunky. The recommend RAM for FIFA 15 is quadruple the 2 GB required to play the game last year to cope with 4 times the calculations that the IGNITE Engine allows compared to it’s predecessor.

Can Intel HD Graphics 3000 run FIFA 15?

Originally Answered: Can I run FIFA 15 on Intel core i5_2520M HD graphics 3000 with 2.50 GHz and 4gb ram? Probably not if you don’t have dedicated VRAM more than 512MB. My PC has 8GB of RAM but lacks the VRAM 512MB, that why it is not compatible to run.

Can I run FIFA 14 without graphics card?

Originally Answered: Do we need graphic card for playing FIFA 14? Yes.

Can I run it FIFA 15?

FIFA 15 requires a Radeon HD 6870 graphics card with a Core i5-2550K 3.4GHz or FX-6300 processor to reach the recommended specs, achieving high graphics setting on 1080p. The RAM requirements are at least a 8 GB memory. … Make sure your GPU can run DirectX 11 or FIFA 15 won’t run.

Can I play FIFA 15 on my laptop?

Today, we are proud to announce that our EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, powering all EA SPORTS titles on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will now also run FIFA 15 on PC. The PC version will include all the same core features coming to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. …

Is FIFA 14 or 15 better?

First and foremost would be the graphics. FIFA 15 definitely triumphs over it’s predecessor here. Although the standard game view doesn’t show much difference, it’s during the replays and moments when the ball is out of play, that you notice just how far EA has gone with graphics for FIFA 15.

Is FIFA 17 better than 16?

Player movements were pretty good in “FIFA 16,” and they’re marginally improved in “FIFA 17.” However, players have more proportionate body parts in “FIFA17.”

Can 4gb RAM run FIFA 14?

The RAM requirements are at least a 2 GB memory. Minimum RAM requirements are 1 GB system memory. Make sure your GPU can run DirectX 9 or Fifa 14 won’t run.

Can I run FIFA 15 on Windows 10?

Fifa 15 not compatible with windows 10.

Can FIFA 15 run on Intel HD Graphics?

Results. Unlike Fifa 14, which was very playable even with low-end GPUs at medium to high settings, Fifa 15 can push bargain notebooks to their limits. Case in point: the HD Graphics 4600 graphics card integrated into the current Intel processor generation.

Is FIFA 16 better than 15?

FIFA 16 is not only better, but more challenging than FIFA 15. … But aerial battles are more competitive, just like in FIFA 14. PASSING: I would say passing was better in FIFA 15. Though driven pass is introduced in FIFA 16, normal passes have become so slow.