Is Poco X2 Better Than Poco X3?

Does Poco x3 support 5g?

Yesterday, Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC was released in Europe with a 199 Euros starting price.

Unlike Xiaomi Poco X3, Redmi Note 10 series supports 5G, which means that this smartphone will use a 5G processor (Xiaomi Poco X3 uses 4G Snapdragon 732G chip)..

Why is Poco f1 so cheap?

The Poco F1, instead, focuses giving consumers Snapdragon 845 even if its body is made polycarbonate, which is the fancy word for plastic. The phone may feel cheap in the hands because of the plastic back panel, even if the frame is made of metal similar to what you get in the high-end phones.

Do Poco phones last long?

Around 2–3 years ,it has the latest and greatest QUALCOMM processor of this year. So it can run up to two years without any issue.

Is Poco a gaming phone?

The Poco F1 has been our favourite choice for gaming, even while ignoring its aggressive pricing. For Rs 19,999, you get a Snapdragon 845-powered smartphone with 6GB RAM, 64GB storage and liquid cooling. … The Poco F1 is easily the cheapest way to play PUBG MOBILE at its best on Android phones.

Should I buy Poco x2 or wait?

If you immediately need a smartphone then buy POCO X2. If you can wait for some time then wait for Poco F2. But if your current smartphone is old and you need a new phone then buy Poco X2.

Which is better than Poco x3?

If you are looking for a phone with an AMOLED display with better charging capabilities, Realme 7 Pro is a better alternative to Poco X3. Realme 7 Pro comes with some big upgrades such as an AMOLED display, stereo speakers and 65W fast charging. … Realme 7 Pro runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC with Realme UI.

Is Poco a Chinese company?

Is Poco A Chinese Company? Poco debuted as Xiaomi’s sub-brand and its first product was the Poco F1. … The company remained Xiaomi’s sub-brand until this year. Xiaomi announced the Poco’s spin-off earlier in January this year and confirmed the brand will be functioning independently from now on.

Does Poco x3 have liquid cooling?

Poco is keeping gamers in mind with this device. The X3 has an Adreno 618 Elite Gaming GPU with liquid cooling. It offers “unique vibration patterns” too, so accelerating, shooting and sprinting should all feel distinct.

Is Poco x3 is good for gaming?

Solid gaming performance The Poco X3 is the first smartphone to be launched in India and globally (as the Poco X3 NFC) with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G chipset. … Poco’s Game Turbo app is also quite useful and lets you adjust the touch response, reduce touch sensitivity around the corners and increase contrast.

Which Poco phone is best?

Poco X2.Poco F1.Poco C3.Poco M3.Poco M2.Poco X3 NFC.Poco F2 Pro.Poco F2.More items…

Is Poco x3 too heavy?

It is made of plastic and that is not a deal-breaker at all. As for how it feels, while it does feel nice and solid, it is also very bulky. The Poco X3 in fact is one of the heaviest Android phones in the market today.

What is the problem of Poco x2?

Other Poco X2 users reported issues with two stock apps, the Dialer app and the keyboard. Both are, based on reports, hanging and glitching. Those two apps also tend to crash from time to time, although that’s not as common.

Is Poco x2 good phone?

Poco X2’s bigger-than-usual 6.7-inch LCD display is great for gaming. While it is a crisp and good looking screen that holds well even in outdoor conditions, it doesn’t feel as vibrant as Realme X2’s 6.4-inch AMOLED screen that offers better contrast and black levels.

Which phone is better Poco f1 or Poco x2?

Unlike the F1, the Poco X2 focuses on design, build quality, cameras and the overall user experience. And, when you consider the starting price of Rs 15,999, the Poco X2 comes across as the best value for money phone you can buy today, even better than the Poco F1.

Is Poco x3 worth?

The Poco X3 NFC is probably the best phone for gaming at its price. It has a large, well-specced screen, loud stereo speakers, and its Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor handles titles such as Fortnite far better than the Snapdragon 665 and Exynos 9611 phones you might buy for the same cash. It’s simply miles ahead.

What is the difference between Poco x2 and Poco x2 Special Edition?

What is the difference between Normal Poco X2 and Poco X2 Special edition? You mean this? Seems like it just has different packaging. The only difference is the box Special edition box has the names of all the developers and stuff No difference in the phone.

Why Poco x3 is bad?

Poco X3 Design: Chubby and heavy Poco hasn’t changed anything about the display though, and you still get a 6.67-inch panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. … The borders around the display are thin but the camera hole could be distracting for a few people. Pick the device up and you will notice that it is surprisingly heavy.

Why does Poco x2 battery drain?

The Poco X2 offers multi-tasking and high-speed internet which cause battery drain. You can limit the usage or charge the device regularly to avoid future problems.