Do Numbered Lists Need Periods?

Should list items end with a period?

Use a period after numbers or letters in an enumerated list.

End each item in an enumerated list with a period if one or more items in the list are complete sentences.

(For the sake of parallelism, normally all items or none should be complete sentences.).

How do you create a numbered list?

How to create a numbered list with a bulleted listPosition the cursor where you want to insert the number list.Either click the number button (as shown at the beginning of the document) or click Format and then “Bullets and Numbering…”More items…•

What is difference between bulleted and numbered list?

In bulleted lists, each paragraph begins with a bullet character. In numbered lists, each paragraph begins with an expression that includes a number or letter and a separator such as a period or parenthesis. The numbers in a numbered list are updated automatically when you add or remove paragraphs in the list.

When would you use a numbered list?

Bullet or numbered lists, also known as unordered and ordered lists, can make writing easy to read; however, be careful not to overuse them, as lists that are too long, or multiple lists on one page, can be difficult to read. Lists should only be used when there is more than one entry.

What is a numbered list?

Wiktionary. numbered list(Noun) A list whose items are numbered, with various styles including Arabic numerals and Roman numerals.

Is it 1 or 1?

I currently am in the middle of a discussion about the proper use for when to use the numeral “1” versus “one”. There are two sides to this argument: 1) In technical writing, numerals should always be used.

Do you use semicolons in a numbered list?

Use parentheses around the numbers (no periods after the number, though) when using a run-in list: I have three items to discuss: (1) the first item; (2) the second item; and (3) the third item. Use semicolons to separate the items, whether they’re expressed as fragments or full sentences.

Do you use full stops in a numbered list?

If the list items are full sentences, start each with a capital letter and end with a full stop (like this list). If the list items are not full sentences, start each with a lower-case letter and place a full stop only at the end of the last item. This list reads like one sentence.

How do you punctuate a numbered list?

Punctuate the lead-in with a colon. Use numbered lists when the list items are in a required order (for example, chronological) or must be referenced from somewhere else in the text. Type the number followed by a period; do not use parentheses on the number. Use your software’s list styles for these vertical lists.

Is 1 divided by a is equal to 1?

In mathematics, 1 is the multiplicative identity of common numbers. … Any number n, other than 0, divided by itself always equals 1: n / n = 1. For example: 7 / 7 = 1.

Is 0 a real number?

The number 0 is both real and imaginary. ): Includes real numbers, imaginary numbers, and sums and differences of real and imaginary numbers.

What is another name for a numbered list?

Numbered Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for numbered?includedincorporatedembodiedcountedrequiredoccasioneddemandedaccommodatedheldlist51 more rows

Which list is a numbered list?

OL (Ordered List) An ordered list typically is a numbered list of items.

Does a period go after a bullet point?

Punctuating Bullet Points. … Use a period (full stop) after every bullet point that is a sentence (as these bullets do). Use a period after every bullet point that completes the introductory stem. Use no punctuation after bullets that are not sentences and do not complete the stem.

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