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- Our Service Promise -

Florida Mortgage Group is committed to offering only the highest quality professional home financing services. We offer ethical and professional mortgage advice and services to all our clients. We treat each customer and all associates in the mortgage related fields with respect, courtesy and professionalism throughout the loan process. 

Here is just part of what we do to achieve our goals and to help make the financing of your home proceed as smoothly as possible:

- Discuss and explain different lending options and programs that may best fit your qualifications
- Analyze your financial situation to determine the loan that may best fit your qualifications
- Assist you with the loan application and necessary paperwork
Collect financial information and other related documents that are part of the application process
- Provide financial disclosures pertinent to your loan application 
Secure the loan program and rate to suit your specific needs
Obtain a Residential Mortgage Credit Report and verify the credit information
Coordinate the appraisal process and review the final appraisal to ensure it meets the lenders requirements
   (You will receive a copy of the appraisal)
Research, verify and evaluate the employment and income history as needed
Verify source of funds and/or deposits to close as needed
Coordinate the approval process through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac
Inform you of any conditions to be satisfied prior to final loan approval or closing
Coordinate the title search and arrange for title insurance to be issued
Coordinate with the closing attorney any liens on the property to be paid
Contact your insurance agent and secure homeowners insurance on the property
Schedule and coordinate the closing with all parties to the transaction 
Inform you as to what to expect at the closing and how the closing process works 
Review the HUD 1 Settlement Statement and mortgage loan documents for accuracy prior to the closing
- Attend the closing or arrange to be available by phone
- Maintain regular contact with all parties to the transaction between the time of application and closing

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Member National Association of Mortgage Brokers
"Top Gun" Mortgage Broker - Georgia Association of Mortgage Brokers

"Top Mortgage Broker Performer" Atlanta Business Chronicle
Florida, Georgia and North Carolina Licensed Mortgage Broker

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